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Go out and have an adventure
yaa ..I already go out pun dan skrg pun goin on adventure..huh! There are no perfect relationships. It's how we accept the imperfections that makes it perfect. You hear me, there's no PERFECT matter how hard you try, no matter what you're doing to make it right, there will always a test for a couple that you will know whether you wanna stay or just go.. :)
so lets read about these two issue :)
1. Guys
as I know, my boyfie ne jenis yg suka memendam.. klau da ada see something kaa or know something yg bkin da sakit hati..da cuma akan diam, then he's start to ignore me..bila sya bawa bckap da buat nda lyan, mmg ada something laa tu..sehari seja da tdk lyan then esok bru da meluah.. I don't remember the time but 2 months ago da pena marah sya then smpai kami menangis2..haha lucu!...da marah gara-gara my ex ada msg sya tp sya blas sbb sya nda tau tu no sepa..lgpun no baru..soryy dear.. :)

and mau bgtau a creepy story from my mom pena ckp ada mama org yg dok ckp da mau kasi tunang me with her son..OMG , then trus sya seram sejuk ckp jgn lyan.. then my mom pun buat alasan kami teda hbungan pa2 dgn ank da, so susah jg sbb me nda mau.. bukan mau sombong tp mcmna jg..I have no feeling towards his son.. sorry
I dont know why other guy keeps saying they'll marry me someday..even they already know they just my past..not every guy laa but some of them laa, I dont know why their moms likes me so much, mau ckp rapat ndak jga..pena jmpa skali dua seja..I think mau dekat 5years berlalu then his mom still mau kc satu me with her son..OMG, cannot laa..I have my own life, my own decision, and have my own love, one and only  (Nazrien)

okay psl ini topic pula,.adala 2 or 3 his ex yg mcm pelik2, asal berkaitan bbik smua mau ikut mgomen dlm FB then buat status and wrote in her blog itu ini laa..then in my mind "eh ape hal ne? " from that moment laa I feel like my head going to explode..a lot of questions in my mind dan bermula laa perdebatan between me and him asking why , why and why?? why did they have feeling in such that way.. I never want to live in lies. Keep this in mind dear, I would rather choose to be dumped than to be cheated.

I tod he wud be like, when a guy is bored w/ a girl, he'll dump her w/ an alibi, "I can't make u happy" or "you're better off w/out me" oh thats suxx okay..
so he EXPLAIN me everything from his first ex-GF and bla bla bla..sorang ex yg da hate zman cinta monyet di school, I pena baca blog da and all her statuses is about Mr. Nazrien..whut?? (ignore)

then sorang g ex da yg dia mcm "oh okay laa,suka-suka" ehh?? ne pla da slalu jg mcari c bbik..ntah pape hal ntah..bbik ceta smua kt sya psl ne budak, 1st time da tau c bbik and me couple pun da msg yg ntah pa2 ma bbik, she said "kau pena ckap yg tdak akan couple dgn mana2 ppuan lgi" hey you darl, jodoh smua di tangan Tuhan, dan saya tidak PAKSA bbik pun untuk JATUH CINTA w/ me..itu smua hati dia dan itu juga you kena ingat..huh! xpa laa, besa laa tu budak2...sabarr jaa laa chun..

yg ex da sorang zman school pun ada msg da then buat status how much she hurt cause c bbik found someone better than her..whut?? (ignore again)

and sorang lg ex da yg for once dia langsung teda hati, dorang pena couple tp hati dia tdak dpat trima sbb ppuan tu mmg sdh ada BF..(ignore)
*so tell me as a girl, siapa yg TIDAK SAKIT HATI bila ppuan len dok sebut2 psal boyfie you on social network..msg or call ur boyfie ckp for no reason pun tpi sbnarnya  RINDU?? ckp masi syg la itu laa ini laa...whutt?? okay I would ignore them hence I keep this on my mind, "some people just don't realize how much they hurt us until someone does the same thing to them"..ohh sabar laa chuuunnn, remember this girls, If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away, but if he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. ohh so true..our ex is not a mistake, just a lesson shud know the past can’t be rewritten, but it can make us stronger. Be thankful for every change, for every heart break, for every scar :)) (lesson for me too) 

he once told me " why are you too concerned with what they feel towards me? you shud be more concerned of what I feel on you..they're just my past, some people aren't meant to be in our lives forever, they are just passing through to teach us a lesson..they got NOTHING from me..just let it go, say what they wanna say, trust me, you're the one who I wanna live with, till Jannah, Insya-Allah" ..yaa you're true but a lot of times ex's will hate u because they still love you but you no longer belong to them so they feel like they've lost. (ignore)
If someone's taken, they're taken.

It's amazing how one song can cause a rush of emotions & bring back so many memories. Some good, some bad.
Listenig to : Thousand Years by Christina Perri


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