"Perempuan yg tabah dia tidak MENANGIS utk dilihat , utk disimpati .
Perempuan tabah itu menangis di dalam hati ,
DOA pengubat hati hanya mengharap belas Illahi "

I've made mistakes in my life. 
I've let people take advantage of me and I accepted way less than I deserve.
but i have learned from my bad choices and eventhough there are some things I can't never get back and people who will NEVER BE SORRY.
I'll know better next time I wont settle for anything less than i deserve!

Living in the past won't let you gain anything except more pain and tears.
 Untill you wake up one day to find yourself lost great moments you could have lived it .. 
so give yourself a chance to be HAPPY and be APPRECIATED by someone you can be all his life,
*past and *present .. :)

p/s : you could tell your lies, I dont care what you feel inside. All you ever did was make me cry, Maybe one day you'll realize you had a good girl in your life. *remember that :)


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