fav poem :)

“Without You” 
My vision is clouded by tears in my eyes. 
I used to think that visions of us were my only paradise.
He has his girl by his side. 
Just looking at you two, makes tears flow from my eyes.
He only sees me as a friend,
But how can that be, because our road to friendship hasn’t even begun.
I’ll just have to admit to myself that I’m not his type. 
I know that he has a girlfriend, so me liking him isn’t alright. 
Many things with guys have gone wrong in the past.
All those relationships that I thought were gonna last
I sometimes find myself daydreaming about your touch
And you know I like you, but not this much. 
Will my broken heart be healed soon? 
I feel overwhelmed in sadness and have become so consumed
I don’t know how to say I wanna be with you, I don’t know how to start, 
But as each day goes by I wish you would open you’re heart. 
Sometimes I wish I could dream forever, 
Then that way we’ll always be together. 
Unfortunately though, I wake up,
 And I hate how reality always seems to suck. 
Another day is just another day
Another day that I’ll try to suppress my feelings for you away


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