my Sunshine

Dear Daughter,
When the world makes me feel invisible,
I know you always see me as someone special.
Dear Daughter,
When someone hurts my feelings,
I know Allah sent me to you to heal my heart in the blink of an eye.
Dear Daughter,
I will always hold you tight regardless time and place,
whatever comes to us.
I can't be without you all the time, but sayang, 
Mummy will always have you in my heart, mind and prayer.
Dear Daughter,
I've been loving your Abah and I have been loving you before I have you in my life.
I'm grateful to have amazing guys in my life, your Abah, your Atuk, your uncles. Our Family.
Remember one thing, family is forever.
Cherish your relationship with your God and people around you.
Go after akhirah and inshaallah God will make it easy for you to have both dunia & akhirah.
Be safe anak mumy.
Be a good girl , anak mumy.
Be one of the best muslimah in this world.
Be one of the widest way for Mumy Abah to meet you in heaven.
You'll always be one of my favourite girl.
Dear Putri Naurah,
Mumy never thought of having such an amazing beautiful lovely girl like you.
You're perfect to me, and mumy abah love you so much.
And let this words being read and "ameen" by everyone who read this.
Kalau mumy abah tiada satu hari nanti,
moga Tuhan jaga Naurah untuk mumy setiap detik, setiap hari.


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