That feeling.

i dream about you everynight.
you're not real.
you're just a dream.
i can see your face clearly. we had some chit chat.
we laugh too much like theres nothing gonna happen to us. like before. 
you're the one who always make me laugh and smile. you're face. you're smile.
you're eyes when you look at me. i know there's something the way you looked at me. 
the LOVE that always warm my heart.
 You're nose. i do love it. everything about you.
I feel the moment like its not just a dream. it mean something to me. 
missing you is the hardest part to handle in my life. 
i miss you.
now im crying like there's no tomorrow.
im crying because that feeling
that moment
were just a dream.
it just a dream.
i can hold your hand just in my dream.
i can touch your face just in my dream.
i can see your smile just in my dream.
i can see your eyes that full with love.
just in my dream.


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