its been a while since i didnt post anything. im kinda busy lately. okay i lie. act i have a lot of time to write something. theres always come an emotion .which is bring an idea to me to release everything from my heart or my mind to this blog. but each time my finger touch my keyboard..theres come a feeling. Which is..saying "shud i post it out or nay? I have a lot of words right now." But somehow i just write it down. but then i know theres some reason to stop me from publish it. then i delete it all. I dont know but i just delete it all.

Tonight. The feeling to write something just came up. I wanna share a movie i've watch two days ago.
"The Great Gatsby"
The title was awesome right. You shud watch the movie. About a guy who is so in love with his ex gf which is already married to another guy. After 5 years they met up. But the feeling never fades. It still the same. Opss!! If you knoww laa whyy laaa i love this movie sooooo muchhhh. Semuanya berkaitan. Just like me. (Perasannn lebih) 😝

Im not going to write down the story cause my eyes getting low right now. Its 12:04a.m!! Time to sleep.
K bai !


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